THE ACTORS’ WORKSHOP PART 9 – Monologues and Duologues and the Audition Process


 Monologues and Duologues and the Audition Process

August 7 2013  7.30 – 9.30

Oakes Mill


Julie Root, who recently directed a set of ‘Talking Heads’ monologues by Alan Bennett, will lead this session.

She will guide us through how to approach monologues and duologues as an actor, exploring the decisions you make when you first get a script regarding circumstances, character and context. Julie will also work on playing with status and pauses etc. She will help us link these ideas with the audition process and how best to prepare for this important part of an actor’s life.

Come along and join us for a practical, ‘hands on’ session and another evening of fun and participation, knowing that you are putting yourself in a knowledgeable position for your next audition or role with Huddersfield Thespians!


Patrick Hibbin