Character Interpretation – is the answer always in the script?

December 5, 2012 7.30 – 9.30

Oakes Mill

Two short, but important speeches from famous plays, (one for a male character and one for a female character) will be read and then discussed in relation to their interpretation.

We will then read them again, this time applying our observations and conclusions.

From the very moment of their initial presentation on stage, the two central characters of these plays became theatrical   ‘Landmarks’, both for critical discussion and actor characterisation.

Come and find out the names of these characters and their related plays, join in the discussion and apply your skills. The leader of this workshop will be Lawrence Barker, director of our most recent successful play ‘Misery’.

Join us at Oakes for our very first Actors’ Workshop and celebrate with mulled wine and a mince pie too. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Patrick Hibbin