Stones in his Pockets opens 8 March

Our production of ‘Stones in his Pockets’, written by Marie Jones,  opens next Tuesday (8 March) at the Lawrence Batley Theatre. Set in a small town in Ireland, the story centres around Charlie Conlon and Jake Quinn, who are playing extras in a film. The cast of two – Thespians’ Daren Wild and Dean Robson – perform 15 characters.

Daren describes the experience of acting in the play as a ‘rollercoaster’ and says: “It is a real discovery finding the characters – I’m not sure where they come from. It’s a different journey from one rehearsal to the next; a character can change totally depending on what frame of mind you are in. It will be interesting to see how this works with an audience!

“Many years ago, I met someone who told my fortune and he said “Going to Ireland would change your life”. Nothing happened on my day trip to Dublin, but I was never warned about a play called ‘Stones In His Pockets’  – I’ll never be the same again!”

Tickets are available from or by calling the box office on 01484 430528.