Previous Productions

The table below lists previous productions by the Thespians.

Shakespeare in the Park (Greenhead Park)Shakespeare, William2016
Quality StreetBarrie, J M11920-21
Mrs Warren's ProfessionBernard Shaw11920-21
DonBesier, Rudolf11920-21
Fools An' Th'er BrassCarter, F A11920-21
Youth DisposesGregson, J R11920-21
Mock Doctor, TheMoliere11920-21
Richard IIShakespeare, William11920-21
Three Green TwigsVickridge, Alberta11920-21
Great Adventure, TheBennett, Arnold21921-22
First And The Last, TheGalsworthy, John21921-22
LiddyGregson, J R21921-22
Young ImesonGregson, J R21921-22
Perfect Cure, TheHoughton, Stanley21921-22
Workhouse Ward, TheLady Gregory21921-22
Mr Pim Passes ByMilne, A A21921-22
Man In Mary's Room, TheUnger, Gladys21921-22
Father NoahWhitworth, Geoffrey21921-22
Fountain, TheCalderon, George31922-23
FoundationsGlasworthy, John31922-23
T'MarsdensGregson, J R31922-23
Doll's House, AIbsen, Henrik31922-23
CasteRobertson, Tom31922-23
ChainsBaker, Elizabeth41923-24
Dear BrutusBarrie, J M41923-24
Hobson's ChoiceBrighouse, Harold41923-24
Two Mr Wetherby's, TheHankin, John41923-24
Puppet Show, TheWall, Harry41923-24
What Every Woman KnowsBarrie, J M51924-25
Androcles And The LionBernard Shaw51924-25
Hobson's ChoiceBrighouse, Harold51924-25
R.U.R.Capek, Karel51924-25
Contsant Lover, TheHankin, John51924-25
Dover Road, TheMilne, A A51924-25
Thunderbolt, ThePinero, A W51924-25
In The Park61925
Kingdom Of God, The61925
St. Iron Pyrites61925
Three Souls In Hades61925
King Lear's WifeBottomley, Gordon61925
R.U.R.Capek, Karel61925
Silver Box, TheGalsworthy, John61925
LiddyGregson, J R61925
Nowt Wrang Sar'AliceGregson, J R61925
Thirty Minutes In A StreetMayor, Beatrice61925
Enchanted Cottage, ThePinero, Arthur Wing61925
Adding Machines, TheRice, Elmer61925
Whiteheaded Boy, TheRobinson, Lennox61925
St. Simeon StylitesSladen Smith, F61925
Doorway, The71926
Family Man, A71926
T'Grandest Lad I' Burton71926
GruachBottomley, Gordon71926
Bear, TheChekhov, Anton71926
Jane CleggErvine, St John71926
Voysey Inheritance, TheGranville-Barker, Harley71926
Nowt Wrang Sar'AliceGregson, J R71926
Way Of An Angel, TheGregson, J R71926
PrunellaHousman, Laurence & Granville-Barker, Harley71926
In The Park81927
Rising Sun, The81927
Berkeley SquareBalderstone, John L81927
King's Jewry, TheGlover, Halcott81927
Way Of An Angel, TheGregson, J R81927
Young ImesonGregson, J R81927
Mr SampsonLee, Charles81927
Night At The Inn, ALord Dunsany81927
Tragedy Of Man, TheMadach, Imre81927
Wife To A Famous ManSierra, Gregorio Martinez 81927
Mary RoseBarrie, J M91928
MisallianceBernard Shaw91928
Widow's Cruise, TheBlake, Nicholas91928
Neighbourly LoveCarter, F A91928
Devil A Saint, TheGregson, J R91928
Young ImesonGregson, J R91928
John Gabriel BorkmanIbsen, Henrik91928
Cradle Song, TheSierra, Gregorio, Sierra Maria & Underhill, John91928
After T'Sewing Meetin'101929
Lady With A Lamp, TheBerkeley, Reginald101929
Shoe Maker's Holiday, TheDekker, Thomas101929
Devil A Saint, TheGregson, J R101929
Red NightHodgson, J L101929
Show-off, TheKelly, George101929
Mrs MoonlightLevy, Benn101929
Mask And The Face, TheReade, Charles & Taylor, Tom101929
Rutherford And SonSowerby, Gita101929
Stronger, TheStrindberg, August101929
At Mrs. Eam's111930
Old Lady Shows Her Medals, TheBarrie, J M111930
Twelve ThousandFrank, Bruno111930
Devil A Saint, TheGregson, J R111930
Nowt Wrang Sar'AliceGregson, J R111930
Hindle WakesHoughton, Stanley111930
Infinite ShoeblackMacowan, Norman111930
Ivory Door, TheMilne, A A111930
Man Who Wouldn't Go To Heaven, TheSladen-Smith, F111930
Circle, TheSomerset Maugham, W111930
Charles And Mary121931
Rigordans, The121931
Ship, The121931
When It's Over121931
Fools An' Th'er BrassCarter, F A121931
Neighbourly LoveCarter, F A121931
Down Our StreetGeorge, Ernest121931
Silver Cord, TheHoward, Sidney121931
Sacred Flame, TheMaugham, Somerset121931
All I't Fam'ly131932
Dona ClarinesAlvarez Quintero, Joaquin131932
Will, TheBarrie, J M131932
To See OurselvesDelafield, E M131932
London WallDruten, John van131932
She Was No LadyErvine, St John131932
Dickens Of Gray's Inn, TheFrederick, Harold131932
Lovely Miracle, TheJohnson, Philip131932
AriadneMilne, A A131932
An All Souls' Night's DreamMoorman, Frederick W.131932
Trelawny Of The WellsPinero, Arthur Wing131932
Lean HarvestRoland, Jeans131932
Bear Dancers, The141933
Cock Robin141933
Coffee Stall, The141933
Glass Wall, The141933
Rose Without A Thorn, TheBax, Clifford141933
Mary's Black EyeCarter, F A141933
High DudgeonGregson, J R141933
Roundabout, ThePriestley, J B141933
See Naples And DieRice, Elmer141933
On The Bus151934
Wheer Parsley Grows151934
Immortal Lady, TheBax, Clifford151934
Mary's Black EyeCarter, F A151934
Neighbourly LoveCarter, F A151934
The Distaff SideDruten, John Van151934
Many WatersHoffman, Frances151934
SheppeyMaugham, Somerset151934
Anna ChristieO'Neill, Eugene151934
They Refuse To Be ResurrectedSmith, N K151934
Children In UniformWinsloe, Christa151934
Council In Hell161935
Great Palaver, The161935
T'Family Secret161935
Anatomist, TheBridie, James161935
Hen 'Oils LimitedCarter, F A161935
Neighbourly LoveCarter, F A161935
Cherry Orchard, TheChekhov, Anton161935
Death Takes A HolidayFerris, Walter161935
Harvest In The NorthHodson, James161935
Romantic Young Lady, TheMartinez Sierra, G161935
Lake, TheMassingham, Dorothy & MacDonald, Murray161935
They Refuse To Be ResurrectedSmith, N K161935
Late Christopher Bean, TheWilliams, Emlyn161935
Musical Chairs171936
Old Bull, The171936
Road To Poplars, The171936
Rocking Chair, The171936
CandidaBernard Shaw171936
Man Of Destiny, TheBernard Shaw171936
You Never Can TellBernard Shaw171936
Genius At HomeDrew, Elizabeth171936
Eden EndPriestley, J B171936
Close Quarters181937
Judgement Day181937
Mr Stork And Company181937
Captain Brassbound's ConversionBernard Shaw181937
Two Gentlemen Of SohoHerbert, A P181937
Clive Of IndiaMinney, R J181937
Dangerous CornerPriestley, J B181937
Magic LotusPrince Chem Chia181937
Fine Romance, ARoyce, William181937
Wheer Parsley Grows191936
After OctoberAckland, Rodney191938
The Doctor's DilemmaBernard Shaw191938
Tobias And The AngelBridie, James191938
Power And GloryCapek, Karel191938
Anthony And AnnaErvine, St John191938
Moon In The Yellow River, TheTocher, E W191938
Arms And The ManBernard Shaw201939
When We Are MarriedPriestley, J B201939
As You Like ItShakespeare, William201939
As You Are211940
MartineBernard, Jean-Jaques211940
T'MarsdensGregson, J R211940
Dover Road, TheMilne, A A211940
Grouse In JuneHunter, N C221941
Laburnum GrovePriestley, J B221941
When We Are MarriedPriestley, J B231942
Gettin' Abigail Off241943
On Dartmoor241943
FollowersBrighouse, Harold241943
Jupiter LaughsCronin, A J241943
Without The PrinceKing, Philip241943
Time And The ConwaysPriestley, J B241943
Late Christopher Bean, TheWilliams, Emlyn241943
Jacob's Ladder251944
Youth Club Festival, A251944
Fanny's First PlayBernard Shaw251944
Blithe SpiritCoward, Noel251944
Yes And NoHorne, Kenneth251944
I Have Five DaughtersMacNamara, Margaret251944
Family Affairs261945
Kingdom Of God, The261945
PygmalionBernard Shaw261945
This Happy BreedCoward, Noel261945
Bill Of Divorcement, ADane, Clemence261945
Lady Precious StreamHsiung, S I261945
I Have Been Here BeforePriestley, J B261945
Jacob's Ladder271946
Exercise BowlerAtkinson, T271946
CandidaBernard Shaw271946
Golden Fleece, TheGurney, A R271946
Little Foxes, TheHellman, Lillian271946
Importance Of Being Earnest, TheWilde, Oscar271946
Venetian, TheBax, Clifford281947
Years Between, TheDu Maurier, Daphne281947
Murder In The CathedralEliot, T S281947
Mask And The Face, TheReade, Charles & Taylor, Tom281947
Our TownWilder, Thornton281947
Druid's Nest, TheWilliams, Emlyn281947
Byron In PiccadillyIreland, Anthony291948
Ah, Wilderness!O'Neill, Eugene291948
Farmer's Wife, ThePhillpotts, Ede291948
Winslow Boy, TheRattigan, Terence291948
Our TownWilder, Thornton291948
Druid's Nest, TheWilliams, Emlyn291948
Light Of The Heart, TheWilliams, Emlyn291948
Three Yorkshire Comedy Plays301949
Apple Cart, TheBernard Shaw301949
Tomorrow's ChildCoates, John301949
GhostsIbsen, Henrik301949
Life With FatherLindsay, Howard & Crouse, Russel301949
Constant Wife, TheMaugham, Somerset W.301949
Still LifeCoward, Noel311950
Phoenix Too Frequent, AFry, Christopher311950
BonaventureHastings, Charlotte311950
Lady FrederickMaugham, Somerset W311950
Circle, TheSomerset Maugham, W311950
Glass Menagerie, TheWilliams, Tennessee311950
Anna Veronica321951
Chance Of A Lifetime, A321951
Lady's Not For Burning, TheFry, Christopher321951
Heiress, TheGoetz, R & Goetz A321951
Home At SevenSheriff, R C321951
Cocktail Party, TheEliot, T S331952
If This Be ErrorGrieve, Rachel331952
Toad Of Toad HallMilne, A A331952
Foolish Gentlewoman, TheSharp, Margery331952
Rain On The JustWatling, Peter331952
Caesar And CleopatraBernard Shaw341953
Present LaughterCoward, Noel341953
AsmodeeMauriac, Francis341953
Man About The House, APerry, John341953
Yellow SandsPhillpotts, Adelaide & Phillpotts, Eden341953
Return, The351954
Treasure Island351954
Boyd's ShopErvine, St John351954
Waters Of The MoonHunter, N C351954
Women Are Like ThatJudd, Tom351954
Question Of Fact, ABrowne, Wynyard361955
Relative ValuesCoward, Noel361955
To Live In PeaceForzano, Giovacchino361955
Dear CharlesMelville, Alan361955
Barnet's FollyStewer, Jan361955
Lark, TheAnouilh, Jean371956
Uncle MartinoCantini, Guido371956
Bell, Book And CandleDruten, John van371956
Another Part Of The ForestHellman, Lillian371956
Ever Since ParadisePriestley, J B371956
Hobson's ChoiceBrighouse, Harold381957
Shadow And SubstanceCarruthers, George381957
I Am A CameraDruten, John van381957
Uncertain JoyHastings, Charlotte381957
My Three AngelsSpewack, Samuel & Spewack, Bella381957
Captain CarvalloCannan, Denis391958
South Sea BubbleCoward, Noel391958
I Remember MamaDruten, John van391958
Living Room, TheGreene, Graham391958
Look Back In AngerOsborne, John391958
Caine Mutiny Court Martial, TheWouk, Herman391958
Before The PartyAckland, Rodney401959
Waltz Of The Toreadors, TheAnouilh, Jean401959
Chalk Garden, TheBagnold, Enid401959
Present LaughterCoward, Noel401959
Summer Of The Seventeenth DollLawler, Ray401959
Morning's At SevenOsborn, Paul401959
Farewell, Farewell411960
Old Ladies, TheAckland, Rodney411960
Dinner With The FamilyMarsh, Edward411960
Angels In LoveMills, Hugh411960
Tragedy Of Macbeth, TheShakespeare, William411960
Taste Of Honey, ADelaney, Shelagh421961
Sound Of Murder, TheFairchild, William421961
Figure Of FunRoussin, Andre421961
Roar Like A DoveStorm, Lesley421961
Boy Friend, TheWilson, Sandy421961
CelebrationPinter, Harold431962
Captives, ThePlautus431962
Twelfth NightShakespeare, William431962
Billy LiarWaterhouse, Keith & Hall, Willis431962
Lady Windermere's FanWilde, Oscar431962
Homage To Shakespeare441963
Keep, The441963
Reluctant Debutante, TheDouglas-Home, William441963
Salad DaysReynolds, Dorothy & Slade, Julian441963
Man Born To Be King, TheSayers, Dorothy L441963
Five Finger ExerciseShaffer, Peter441963
Out Of The CrocodileCooper, Giles451964
View From The Bridge, AMiller, Arthur451964
Sleeping Prince, TheRattigan, Terrence451964
The Breaking PointRinehart, Mary Roberts451964
Little Hut, TheRoussin, Andre451964
Hostage, TheBehan, Brendan461965
Hay FeverCoward, Noel461965
Physicists, TheDurrenmatt, Friedrich461965
All Things Bright And BeautifulHall, Willis & Waterhouse, Keith461965
Ideal Husband, AnWilde, Oscar461965
Maria MartenCox, Constance471966
Murder MistakenGreen, Janet471966
Hedda GablerIbsen, Henrik471966
Mary, MaryKerr, Jean471966
Mr Kettle And Mrs MoonPriestley, J B471966
Uncle VanyaChekhov, Anton481967
RebeccaDu Maurier, Daphne481967
Tons Of MoneyEvans, Will & Valentine, Arthur481967
All In Good TimeNaughton, Bill481967
Homecoming, ThePinter, Harold481967
Hollow Crown, TheBarton, John491968
Man For All Season, ABolt, Robert491968
Boeing, BoeingCamoletti, Marc491968
Killing Of Sister George, TheMarcus, Frank491968
Barefoot In The ParkSimon, Neil491968
Woman In A Dressing GownWillis, Ted491968
Flowering CherryBolt, Robert501969
Juno And The PaycockO'Casey, Sean501969
When We Are MarriedPriestley, J B501969
Importance Of Being Earnest, TheWilde, Oscar501969
White Rose, The511970
Lord Arthur Saville's CrimeCook, Christoper511970
Anniversary, TheMacIlwraith, Bill511970
Lets All Go Down The StrandMurphy, C W & Castling, Harry511970
Spring And Port WineNaughton, Bill511970
Queen And The Rebels, TheUgo, Betti511970
Come Home Laughing521971
Ring Around The MoonAnouilh, Jean521971
Lion In Winter, TheGoldman, James521971
Little Malcolm And His Struggle Against The EunuchsHaliwell, David521971
AnastasiaMaurette, Marcelle & Bolton, Guy521971
This Sceptered Isle531972
Who's Afraid Of Virginia WoolfAlbee, Edward531972
Mayerling Affair, TheDelderfield, R F531972
Rattle Of A Simple ManDyer, Charles531972
Separate TablesRattigan, Terence53
Plaza SuiteSimon, Neil531972
Blithe SpiritCoward, Noel541973
Say Who You AreHall, Willis & Waterhouse, Keith541973
After HaggartyMercer, David541973
Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie, TheSpark, Muriel541973
Charlie's AuntThomas, Brandon541973
How The Other Half LovesAyckbourn, Alan551974
She Stoops To ConquerGoldsmith, Oliver551974
GaslightHamilton, Patrick551974
Voyage Round my Father, AMortimer, John551974
Time And The ConwaysPriestley, J B551974
Christmas Through Six Centuries561975
Thwarting Of Baron Bolligew, TheBolt, Robert561975
Tonight At 8.30Coward, Noel561975
Enquiry, TheHastings, Charlotte561975
Time And The ConwaysPriestley, J B561975
Aspern Papers, TheRedgrave, Michael561975
Jubilee Concert571976
Lloyd George Knew My FatherDouglas-Home, William571976
Day After The Fair, TheHarvey, Frank571976
Real Inspector Hound, The / A Resounding TinkleStoppard, Tom / Simpson, N F571976
Relapse, TheVanbrugh, John571976
Say Goodnight To GrandmaWelland, Colin571976
Christmas Reflections581977
Wait Until DarkKnott, Frederick581977
Crown MatrimonialRyton, Royce581977
SleuthShaffer, Anthony581977
Sunshine Boys, TheSimon, Neil581977
Visitor From HollywoodSimon, Neil581977
Boy Friend, TheWilson, Sandy581977
Table MannersAyckbourn, Alan591978
Getting OnBennett, Alan591978
Suddenly At HomeDurbridge, Francis591978
Ritual For DollsGreen, George MacEwan591978
Arsenic And Old LaceKesselring, Joseph591978
Angels In LoveMills, Hugh591978
CandidaBernard Shaw601979
Dear DaddyCannan, Denis601979
Hello And GoodbyeFugard, Athol601979
Butterflies Are FreeGershe, Leonard601979
PicnicInge, Willia601979
CelebrationPinter, Harold601979
Sequence Of Events611980
Hobson's ChoiceBrighouse, Harold611980
Ten Little IndiansChristie, Agatha611980
Cowardy CustardCoward, Noel611980
StevieWhitemore, Hugh611980
Whose Life Is It Anyway?Clark, Brian621981
Hindle WakesHoughton, Stanley621981
All My SonsMiller, Arthur621981
Last Of The Red Hot LoversSimon, Neil621981
Gingerbread Man, TheWood, David621981
Stinger's Last StandBradley, Alfred & Barstow, Stan631982
Outside EdgeHarris, Richard631982
Children's DayWaterhouse, Keith & Hall, Willis631982
Corn Is Green, TheWilliams, Emlyn631982
Night Of The Iguana, TheWilliams, Tennessee631982
Wizard Of Oz641983
Murder Is Announced, ADarbon, Leslie (after Agatha Christie)641983
Dresser, TheHarwood, Ronald641983
When We Are MarriedPriestley, J B641983
In Praise Of LoveRattigan, Terence641983
Music Hall651984
Witness For The ProsecutionChristie, Agatha651984
Miracle Worker, TheGibson, William651984
Educating RitaRussell, Willy651984
Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are DeadStoppard, Tom651984
Plotters Of Cabbage Patch Corner, TheWood, David651984
Christmas Celebrations661985
Happiest Days Of Your Life, The661985
Hollow, TheChristie, Agatha661985
CabaretKander, John, Ebb, Fred & Masteroff, Joe661985
84 Charing Cross RoadRoose-Evans, James661985
On Golden PondThompson, Ernest661985
Music Hall671986
Love On The DoleGreenwood, Walter671986
Entertainer, TheOsborne, John671986
California SuiteSimon, Neil671986
My Three AngelsSpewack, Samuel & Spewack, Bella671986
Pack Of LiesWhitemore, Hugh671986
Taking StepsAyckbourn, Alan681987
Towards ZeroChristie, Agatha681987
Hay FeverCoward, Noel681987
I Remember MamaDruten, John van681987
Heiress, TheGoetz, R & Goetz A681987
Up 'n' UnderGodber, John691988
Month Of Sundays, ALarbey, Bob691988
An Inspector CallsPriestly, J B691988
Railway Children, TheSimpson, Dave691988
Country Wife, TheWycherley, William691988
Maintenance Man, TheHarris, Richard701989
Stepping OutHarris, Richard701989
Born YesterdayKanin, Garson701989
Winslow Boy, TheRattigan, Terence701989
Our Day OutRussell, Willy701989
Chorus Of Disapproval, AAyckbourn, Alan711990
CurtainsBill, Stephen711990
Waiting In The WingsCoward, Noel711990
Winnie The PoohMilne, AA & Robbins, Glyn711990
Murder At The VicarageMoie, Charles & Toy, Barbara (after Agatha Christie)711990
Lord Arthur Saville's CrimeCook, Christoper721991
Steel MagnoliasHarling, Robert721991
No Sex Please - We're BritishMarriott, Anthony & Foot, Alistair721991
Odd Couple, TheSimon, Neil721991
Accrington PalsWhelan, Peter721991
Fur Coat And No KnickersHarding, Mike731992
Brighton Beach MemoirsSimon, Neil731992
Playboy Of The Western WorldSynge, J M731992
Charlie's AuntThomas, Brandon731992
Driving Miss DaisyUhry, Alfred731992
Black CoffeeChristie, Agatha741993
Run For Your WifeCooney, Ray741993
Last Tango In WhitbyHarding, Mike741993
Childrens Hour, TheHellman, Lillian741993
Glass Menagerie, TheWilliams, Tennessee741993
Woman In MindAyckbourn, Alan751994
And Then There Were NoneChristie, Agatha751994
Daisy Pulls It OffDeegan, Denise751994
GhostsIbsen, Henrik751994
When We Are MarriedPriestley, J B751994
Christmas Carol, ADickens, Charles761995
RebeccaDu Maurier, Daphne761995
AmadeusShaffer, Peter761995
Same Time Next YearSlade, Bernard761995
Miss JulieStrindberg, August761995
Pickwick Papers771996
It Runs In The FamilyCooney, Ray771996
Doll's House, AIbsen, Henrik771996
Someone Who'll Watch Over MeMcGuinness, Frank771996
End Of The Pier ShowParsley, Roger771996
Lost In YonkersSimon, Neil771996
Season's GreetingsAyckbourn, Alan781997
Talking HeadsBennett, Alan781997
April In ParisGodber, John781997
Fur Coat And No KnickersHarding, Mike781997
Ghost Train, TheRidley, Arnold781997
Bed Among The LentilsBennett, Alan791998
Say Something HappenedBennett, Alan791998
Cracked Pot, TheMorrison, Blake791998
CelebrationPinter, Harold791998
ShakersThornton, Jane & Godber, John791998
Billy LiarWaterhouse, Keith & Hall, Willis791998
Woman Of No Importance, AWilde, Oscar791998
Pyramus & Thisby801999
Where There's Muck801999
Habeas CorpusBennett, Alan801999
Hobson's ChoiceBrighouse, Harold801999
Surprise ItemBrook, Cyrus801999
Private LivesCoward, Noel801999
Comfort & JoyHarding, Mike801999
Price, TheMiller, Arthur801999
Wyrd SistersBriggs, Stephen & Pratchett, Terry812000
GaslightHamilton, Patrick812000
SkylightHare, David812000
Roots And WingsVickery, Frank812000
Importance Of Being Earnest, TheWilde, Oscar812000
Alan Bennett x 3Bennett, Alan822001
FeedElliott, Tom822001
Dial 'M' For MurderKnott, Frederick822001
Mr WonderfulRobson, James822001
Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie, TheSpark, Muriel822001
Bedroom FarceAyckbourn, Alan832002-03
Different Way Home, AChin, Jimmie832002-03
Last Tango In WhitbyHarding, Mike832002-03
Educating RitaRussell, Willy832002-03
Memory Of Water, TheStephenson, Shelagh832002-03
Equally DividedHarwood, Ronald842003-04
Biting The BulletVickery, Frank842003-4
Woman Of No Importance, AWilde, Oscar842003-04
Nobody's PerfectWilliams, Simon842003-04
Kingfisher, TheDouglas-Home, William852004-05
Cold Comfort FamDoust, Paul & Gibbons, Stella852004-05
Arsenic And Old LaceKesselring, Joseph852004-05
Killing Of Sister George, TheMarcus, Frank852004-05
Rainmaker, TheNash, N. Richard852004-05
Vortex, TheCoward, Noel862005-06
Men Of The WorldGodber, John862005-06
Stepping OutHarris, Richard862005-06
Abigail's PartyLeigh, Mike862005-06
Caretaker, ThePinter, Harold862005-06
Lord Arthur Saville's CrimeCook, Christoper872006-07
Weekend BreaksGodber, John872006-07
Allo AlloLloyd, Jeremy & Croft, David872006-07
ArtReza, Yasmina872006-07
To Kill A MockingbirdSergel, Christopher872006-07
Just Between OurselvesAyckbourn, Alan882007-08
Humble BoyJones, Charlotte882007-08
Cemetery Club, TheMenchell, Ivan882007-08
Shirley ValentineRussell, Willy882007-08
Railway Children, TheSimpson, Dave882007-08
ProofAuburn, David892008-09
TeechersGodber, John892008-09
Heiress, TheGoetz, R & Goetz A892008-09
Graduate, TheJohnson, Terry892008-09
Lady In The Van, TheBennett, Alan902009-10
Up 'n' UnderGodber, John902009-10
Amy's ViewHare, David902009-10
Man With Two Gaffers, TheMorrison, Blake902009-2010
Birthday Party, ThePinter, Harold902009-10
Snake In The GrassAyckbourn, Alan912010-11
TwoCartwright, Jim912010-11
Blithe SpiritCoward, Noel912010-11
Stones In His PocketsJones, Marie912010-11
Whipping It UpThompson, Steve912010-11
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?Albee, Edward922012-12
Happy FamiliesGodber, John922012-12
DuetsQuilter, Peter922012-12
Easy TermsVickery, Frank922011-12
Ladies DayWhittington, Amanda922011-12
Talking HeadsBennett, Alan932012-13
Calendar GirlsFirth, Tim932012-13
Hedda GablerIbsen, Henrik932012-13
MiseryMoore, Simon & King, Stephen932012-13
Ladies Down UnderWhittington, Amanda932012-13
Last of the Summer WineClarke, Roy942013-14
QuartetHarwood, Roy942013-14
The WeekendPalin, Michael942013-14
Playing AwaySykes, Chris942013-14
Bully BoyToksvig, Sandi942013-14
Blackadder Goes ForthCheetham, Alistair (after Richard Curtis and Ben Elton952014-15
An Evening of PinterPinter, Harold952014-15
A Christmas CarolWatkins, Alex (after Charles Dickens)952014-15
The Importance of Being EarnestWilde, Oscar952014-15
The 39 StepsBarlow, Patrick962015-16
A Taste of HoneyDelaney, Shelagh962015-16
April in ParisGodber, John962015-16
The Thrill of LoveWhittington, Amanda962015-16
PygmalionBernard Shaw972016-17
Bette & JoanBruge, Anton972016-17
A Passionate WomanMellor, Kay972016-17
Billy LiarWaterhouse, Keith & Hall, Willis972016-17
Grimm Up NorthWatkins, Alex & Cheetham, Alistair972016-17
Offices & GentlemenBennett, Alan982017-18
Sketchy at BestHuddersfield Thespians982017-18
GhostsIbsen, Henrik982017-18
Murder, Margaret & MeMeeks, Philip982017-18
A Streetcar Named DesireWilliams, Tennessee982017-18
The History BoysBennett, Alan992018-19
Tons of MoneyEvans, Will & Valentine, Arthur (updated by Alan Ayckbourn)992018-19
The Flint Street NativityFirth, Tim992018-19
QueersGattis, Mark992018-19
Men of the WorldGodber, John992018-19
The York RealistGill, Peter1002019-2020
A Warning to the CuriousWatkins, Alex (after M R James)1002019-2020
Mighty AtomsWhittington, Amanda 1002019-2020
TeechersGodber, John1022021-2022
Abigail's PartyLeigh, Mike1022021-2022
Dark SublimeDennis, Michael1022021-2022

Here is a copy of the programme for one of our very first productions. Click the image to enlarge: