Our 91st Season Announced

Huddersfield Thespians’ 91st Season

We have proposed the following plays and performance dates for our 91st season.

All plays are performed at the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Queen’s Square, Queen Street, Huddersfield HD1 2SP.

Box office: 01484 430528.


We reserve the right to change, or cancel, a performance.

Ladies Day by Amanda Whittington (11 – 15 October 2011)

Work, love and life are just one long hard slog for the fish filleting foursome Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda. But their fortunes are set to change when Linda finds tickets to Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot the year it relocated to York.

Out go the hairnets, overalls and wellies as the four ditch work, do themselves up to the nines and head off for a drink, a flirt and a flutter. If their luck holds, they could hit the jackpot – and more besides!

Main stage, 7.30pm, Saturday matinee, 2.15pm

Tickets £14/under-16 + NUS £12. Buy tickets

Easy Terms by Frank Vickery (22-26 November 2011)

A year ago, Vi Davies suffered a stroke and her son Howard gave up his college course to nurse her.

Vi is now quite capable of looking after herself but finds it impossible to let go of her son. Howard finds this situation extremely difficult, not least because he has a secret…

Syngenta Cellar, 7.45pm, Saturday matinee 2.15pm

Tickets £12/under-16 + NUS £10. Buy tickets

Happy Families by Jon Godber (17-21 January 2012)

On his graduation day in 1978, John looks back over his teenage years with warmth remembering the joys, tensions and sorrows of family life in West Yorkshire. John, now older and educated, finds himself alienated from his working-class family who cannot understand his theatrical aspirations.

An affectionate look at a ordinary family struggling with change

Main stage, 7.30pm, Saturday matinee 2.15pm

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf by Edward Albee (6-10 March 2012)

George, a professor at a small college, and his wife, Martha, have just returned home, drunk from a Saturday night party. Martha announces, amidst general profanity, that she has invited a young couple-an opportunistic new professor at the college and his shatteringly naive new bride-to stop by for a nightcap. When they arrive the charade begins.

Syngenta Cellar, 7.15pm, Saturday matinee 2.15pm

Tickets £12/under-16 + NUS £10.

Duets by Peter Quilter (1-5 May 2012)

Four pairs of characters, four crucial moments . . .

Jonathan and Wendy are on a blind date and hoping to get it right this time even though they’ve never got it right before. Barrie is not really interested in women but Janet sees that as no reason to stop trying. Shelley and Bobby have decided to holiday in Spain to finalize their divorce whilst drowning in cocktails and Angela is marrying for the third time to the dismay of her brother Toby and amidst a barrage of bad omens and a dress resembling a parachute. The result is a gloriously funny examination of the chaotic world of love, relationships and why the grass is never greener.

Syngenta Cellar, 7.45pm, Saturday matinee, 2.15pm

Tickets £12/under-16 + NUS £10.