Open Auditions for next season’s plays

HUDDERSFIELD THESPIANS are holding OPEN AUDITIONS for ANY interested actors (current, past or future members!) for our first two productions of our 99th Season.
The auditions are for:


by Alan Bennett

WEDNESDAY 13 JUNE 2018 at 7.30pm

Oakes Mills West, New Hey Road, Huddersfield HD3 4DD


by Tim Firth

WEDNESDAY 27 JUNE 2018 at 7.30pm

Oakes Mills West, New Hey Road, Huddersfield HD3 4DD
Details of the plays and roles available are listed below.
The auditions are open to everyone, so, if you are not interested but know someone who might please let them know of our auditions.
If you wish to audition for a part or wish to find out more please send an email to Alistair at or call 07872 616457.
We look forward to hearing from you!


The Plot
The play is set in a boys grammar school in the north of England and is set in the early 1980s. The play follows a group of history pupils preparing for the Oxford and Cambridge entrance examinations under the guidance of three teachers (Hector, Irwin, and Lintott) each with contrasting styles.
Hector, an eccentric teacher, delights in knowledge for its own sake, but the headmaster ambitiously wants the school to move up the academic league table, so Irwin, a supply teacher, is hired to introduce a rather more cynical and ruthless style of teaching.
The boys are an unruly bunch of bright, funny sixth-form boys and, as such boys will be, in pursuit of sex, sport, and a place at a good university – generally in that order. In all their efforts, they are helped and hindered, enlightened and bemused, by their maverick English teacher who seeks to broaden their horizons in sometimes undefined ways, and by a young history teacher who questions the methods, as well as the aim, of their schooling.
In The History Boys, Alan Bennett raises – with gentle wit and pitch-perfect command of character – not only universal questions about the nature of history and how it is taught but also questions about the purpose of education today.
‘Adult’ Characters
The Headmaster
Douglas Hector               English/General Studies teacher
Irwin                              History teacher; brought in as a special coach
Mrs Dorothy Lintott       History teacher
TV Director                    of Irwin’s television programme (a small role)
The Boys
Akthar                            Asian ancestry, Muslim
Crowther                        acts as a hobby
Dakin                             handsome, object of Posner’s and Irwin’s affection
Lockwood                      strong opinions
David Posner                  youngest, gay and Jewish
Rudge                             better known for athletic skills than for intelligence
Scripps                           Anglican, plays piano
Timms                            joker, overweight
Potential non-speaking roles
Make-Up Woman           from the TV Production team on Irwin’s television show
MPs                               spoken to by Irwin in opening scene
Fiona                              Headmaster’s secretary
Play Dates
2-6 October 2018           Rehearsals will begin in early August


The Plot
Mizzis Horrocks’ class of seven-year olds is about to perform their nativity play at Flint Street Junior School for the proud mums and dads – and the occasional social worker. Squabbles arise when Gabriel wants to play Mary, the Star grumbles he’s not a proper star like they have at NASA, Herod won’t stop waving to his mum and dad and the subversive Innkeeper is determined to liven up the traditional script. And then the stick insect escapes…
The children are played by adults, who later play their parents.
This warm, witty, funny play is an ideal alternative to the usual Christmas fare with original lyrics set to the tunes of the usual Christmas carols
All the cast will sing during the play to some degree or other. Mary should be a confident singer as she leads the carols “proper” the rest need to have some rhythmic ability as they mainly do not know the words or tunes but make up their own words as they go along (Think Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady)
Innkeeper (Bradley)
Star of Bethlehem (Marcus)
Narrator (Tim)
Herod / Joseph (Ryan)
Ass (unnamed boy)
Frankincense Wise Man (Adrian)
Mary (Jenny)
Wise Gold Man (Jess)
Shepherd (Zoe)
Gabriel (Ashley)
Angel (Shamima, who is of Asian / Pakistani origin)
Play Dates
4-8 December 2018        Rehearsals will begin in October