Important information about the AGM – 25 September 2014

As mentioned in the previous post about our Annual General Meeting, 3 members of the board of directors will be stepping down;

Christine Smith (Jnr), Dexter Booth and Sue Underwood

Everyone has had an opportunity to put themselves forward for election to join the board this year and now is the opportunity to vote for who you feel should be elected.

No New candidates have come forward, however all 3 members who have stepped down, have stood for re-election

The rest of the board will be made up of Steve Marsden, Christine Smith (Snr), Alistair Cheetham Dorothea Annison, Lynne Whitaker and Helen Kapil.

Voting will take place during the AGM at Oaks on 25th September 2014.

It is important that all members of the Thespians attend if possible, your vote and your opinion matter.