Casting Season 105

After a highly successful and varied portfolio of productions for our 104th Season, the Play Selection & Casting Group at Huddersfield Thespians is beginning the task of finding actors for the four plays of our 105th Season.

Here are the details of the forthcoming plays, and the requirements for each.


Playwright: Ronald Harwood
Venue: Lawrence Batley Theatre
Performance Dates: 16-19 October 2024


1942 and in a war-torn provincial theatre an ageing actor-manager, known to all as ‘Sir’, is struggling to cling on to his sanity and complete his latest performance of King Lear. For sixteen years Norman, Sir’s devoted dresser, has been there to fix Sir’s wig, massage his ego, remind him of his opening lines and provide the sound effects in the storm scene. It is down to Norman to ensure that in spite of everything, the show goes on. Following on from their successful run of Gaslight, Huddersfield Thespians bring you Ronald Harwood’s highly acclaimed drama. 


NormanMaleSir’s dresser, protector and confidant35+
Her ladyshipFemaleSir’s partner and a fellow member of the troupe50+
MadgeFemaleMadge is the Stage Manager for the company35+
SirMaleThe older, lead actor and manager of a regional touring theatre company50+
IreneFemaleAn ambitious young actress in the company25+
Geoffrey ThorntonMaleAn older, stand-in, actor within the troupe40+
Mr OxenbyMaleA replacement actor and forthright Marxist activist35+
‘King Lear’ ActorsMalePre-recorded for sound use on stage, rather than liveN/A


Playwright: various
Venue: Longwood Mechanics Hall
Performance Dates: 11-14 December 2024


A celebration of over seventy years of classic British comedy, with sketches made famous by the likes of Morecambe & Wise, Victoria Wood, Monty Python, The Two Ronnies, Joyce Grenfell and many more. With fun, laughter, songs and sketches to appeal to all tastes, this Christmas show offers a great opportunity to get together in the tradition of Christmases past, and laugh out loud.


Given that this is a sketch, revue show we will require a number of actors of different ages and genders, as there will be a variety of opportunities available. The specific roles will be assigned once we have details of numbers. Actors will be able to perform in a number of sketches, so there is an opportunity to try different things. It is anticipated that the show will also include a few musical sketches, however only those actors willing to do so would be expected to be cast in solo, duo or small group songs.


Playwright: Alan Bennett
Venue: Longwood Mechanics Hall
Performance Dates: 12-15 March 2025


An eccentric old lady moves into a quiet street in Camden Town. There she remains, installed in her van in glorious self-sufficiency, until the council instructs her to move on. Then a kind homeowner invites her to move her van into his garden – where she stays for the next fifteen years.

Based on the true story, this is the fascinating story of the genteel vagrant who found a unique place in Alan Bennett’s life and writing. Thought provoking and moving, The Lady in the Van tackles profound questions about social responsibility, homelessness and mental illness with the lightness of touch characteristic of Bennett the master storyteller.

What began as a begrudged favour became a relationship that would change both their lives. Written by one of the nation’s best loved playwrights, this is a funny, poignant, and life-affirming story that we are delighted to be bringing to the stage in Longwood.


Miss ShepherdFemaleThe eponymous old lady of the piece55+
Alan Bennett 1MaleThe author’s public persona35+
Alan Bennett 2MaleThe author’s inner persona50+
MamFemaleAlan Bennett’s mother55+
RufusMaleAlan Bennett’s neighbour30+
PaulineFemaleRufus’s wife30+
Social WorkerFemaleA young social worker, sent to assess Miss Shepherd25+
UnderwoodMaleA dilapidated figure who is blackmailing Miss Shepherd35+
Mam’s DoctorEitherThe Doctor who reports to Bennett about his mother30+
Leo FairchildMaleMiss Shepherd’s brother45+
LoutEitherTormentor of BennettAny
Ambulance DriverEither
Shepherd’s DoctorEither
Council Workmen, Undertakers, etc.Either
Given the ensemble nature of the piece, and the timings of character appearances in the play, it may be possible / required for actors to double up on some roles.


Playwright: James Graham
Venue: Lawrence Batley Theatre
Performance Dates: 4-7 June 2025


June 2017, in a Labour Party office in North Nottinghamshire, David Lyons, local MP for the past 27 years, waits anxiously with his constituency agent for the results of the General Election. Having been re-elected six times, David faces the possibility of finally being voted out while his party, despite some gains, looks likely to be denied victory for the third time in a row.

Why is Labour losing seats in its traditional northern heartland while winning ‘safe’ Conservative ones elsewhere? What’s shifted within the party and country as a whole? David and Jean have witnessed many changes within the Labour movement over the years and through it all they’ve worked together side-by-side. However, David has advocated the need for a new approach, while Jean has championed the old values. Despite their many differences, a grudging respect has grown between them. All this is pulled into sharp focus by the return of David’s ex-wife, Elizabeth, who suggests they give their marriage another try… Having guided the MP through six successive victories, is his fiery constituency agent prepared to see him lose now on the home front?


Jean WhitakerFemaleLabour constituency agent45+
David LyonsMaleLabour MP45+
Elizabeth LyonsFemaleDavid’s Wife45+
Len PriorMaleLocal councillor and party worker40+
Margot MidlerFemaleConstituent and party worker35+
Business InvestorEither
The above cast are also required to play the following, as part of the ensemble:
Constituents, Delivery person, Party Workers, Takeaway owner

What To Do Now?

To register an interest in acting in any of the plays, please send an email to stating the following:

  1. Your name
  2. The production(s) you are interested in auditioning for
  3. Any role(s) you are particularly interested in
  4. Any non-available dates you have in July, August & September for casting nights (please include weekends, as there may be some weekend auditions as well as weeknight ones.)

The initial deadline for registering interest in all the productions is Sunday 14th July. After this date we will see what interest there is for each play, and then proceed with auditions for each one in turn, starting with The Dresser.

Thank you so much for your expected interest in our forthcoming season, and the very best of luck with your application and audition(s.)

Kindest regards,
Alistair Cheetham
Play Selection & Casting Group