Casting Call

The Casting Committee of Huddersfield Thespians is looking to cast two roles, one in each of its first two plays, to be on stage this autumn!
The roles are for actors who can play someone of British Indian/Pakistani origin or background.
The first role is that of Akhtar in “The History Boys” which will run from 2-6 October 2018 with rehearsals beginning in early August.  Akhhar is a Muslim student, a fact that is referred to several times throughout the play. He eventually becomes the headmaster of a school.
“The History Boys” is by Alan Bennett, one of the greatest living British playwrights and authors. It is one of the UK’s most loved plays, and was made into a successful film with most of the original stage cast. “The History Boys” follows two teachers and a group of students at an all boys grammar school in England in the 1980s. The boys are all trying to get into Oxford and Cambridge. The school’s Headmaster wants the boys to attend prestigious universities in order to raise the profile of the school. He hires Irwin, a young Oxford graduate, to teach history and give the students extra “polish.”
The second role is that of Shamima in “The Flint Street Nativity” which will run from 4-8 December 2018, with rehearsals starting in early October.
Shamima plays the angel and is from a Pakistani family. She is the apple of her father’s eye, and he has made her a special costume. Her mother is desperate to upstage Mrs. Vorbani, who is Indian, and has made mince pies – but they could never be as good as Shamima’s mother’s pies!
“The Flint Street Nativity” was written by Tim Firth, who wrote both “Calendar Girls” and the Take That musical “The Band.” It is set in a primary school, about to produce their annual Nativity play, and the actors will play both the child and a parent!
If you are interested in one of these parts, please contact Alistair at for more details.
Thank you.