Audition call

‘I live here. I live here. You can’t see that, though. You can’t see it. This is where I live. Here.’A cottage, 1960s Yorkshire. The York Mystery plays are in rehearsal. Farmhand George strains against his roots as a new world opens up to him.
Two men fall in love against a backdrop of York’s Mystery Plays in Peter Gill’s subtle exploration of place and class.  When in 1960, the farm labourer George is cast in an amateur revival of the York Mystery Plays he meets the assistant director John. John wants George to move to London, where he is working in theatre. George’s final decision has repercussions for others as well as himself.Peter Gill’s The York Realist is not only a finely drawn love story, it also makes us think about the depth of class allegiances, the strength of family, and the origins and ownership of art.

The play requires the following roles:
George the farm labourer     (ideally aged late 20s to late 30s, but can be older if the rest of the cast balances this out.)

John assistant director of the York Mystery Plays      (similar age to George)

Mother George and Barbara’s mother    (suitable age gap to George and Barbara)

Barbara George’s sister    (similar age to George)

Arthur Barbara’s husband   (same age as George)

Doreen friend of George    (similar age to George)

Jack         son of Barbara & Arthur (suitable age gap to his parents, but must look no older than late teens)

The chemistry between George & John is faint at first, offering only the barest hint of the enticing danger of flirting in front of the traditional family. But their relationship develops to a  heartbreaking power – so the two male actors must be TOTALLY at ease with being intimate and playful with each other on stage.  The two men are contemporaries, but through John’s eyes, George’s rural community is as foreign, distinct and romanticised as medieval York. George’s family and friends warm, stifling closeness makes a powerful backdrop to his fractured love story.
If you are interested in auditioning – it is intended to hold two sets of auditions.
The first will be on THURSDAY 21 NOVEMBER and the second on THURSDAY 28 NOVEMBER. Both will be at 7.15pm.
If you would like to audition, then please send an email advising of your preferred date for audition to  A copy of the play and the audition pieces will be available.
The play will start rehearsals justbefore Christmas, and will run from 11-15 February 2020 at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.
Alistair Cheetham Secretary to the Casting Committee