Huddersfield Thespians are celebrating a very special birthday from this autumn, our centenary and we have a special production to begin our 100th Season.
We will be presenting “Mighty Atoms” by Amanda Whittington.
This production will be the first anywhere since the play was first performed in Hull in 2017 – iso it will be a great honour for us to be the first society to perform this play.

The play tells the story of ex-boxer Taylor Flint, who wants to put the past behind her but she’s got a fight on her hands.
Back on the Hull estate where she grew up, Taylor is drawn into running a boxercise class.  
The classes meet at The Six Bells pub, which landlady Nora runs as her own community hub, and for the local women, boxercise soon becomes more than a way to lose weight and have a laugh.
When the pub is threatened with closure, the class refuse to throw in the towel.
The roles are:
Nora (aged 50+)  – Motherly, strong willed, protective, out spoken

Taylor  (aged 30+) – natural leader, reclusive, cautiously ambitious

Aneta (aged 40+)- loving, friendly, courageous, earnest

Jazz (aged 20+) – hesitant, introverted, determined, transitioning 

Grace (aged 18+) – strong minded, fearless, rebellious 

Barbara (aged 20+)- the symbol of Taylor’s inner struggle, present, focused, calm, strong

Lauren (30+) – care free, ambitious, joyful, loyal

The auditions will be held on THURSDAY 4 JULY & THURSDAY 18 JULY – starting at 7.15pm.

If you would like to audition, please state any of the roles you are interested and the date you would prefer to audition, and if you are available for both. Please email and a copy of the script and the audition sections will be sent to you.
Please note the performance dates are 8-12 October 2019, that the read through will be on Monday 5 August 2019 and the rehearsals will start on Monday 12 August 2019.
Many thanks, and good luck to all who apply!