The Huddersfield Thespians are celebrating their centenary and we have another special production to continue our 100th Season.
We will be presenting A Warning to the Curious, based on the ghost stories of M. R James adapted by our member, Alex Watkins – who so successfully adapted A Christmas Carol for the Thespians.
The play centres around three of M.R. James’ stories – Casting the Runes,There was a man lived by a Churchyard and Whistle and I’ll come to you my boy

Given the number of characters, successful actors will be expected to take on multiple roles, with the exception of the person playing M.R. James.

The characters required are:-

M R James             Male/Female

Gayton.                    Male

Bennett                    Male

Dunning                   Male

Karswell                   Male

Library assistant   Female

Miss Harrington    FemaleJ

John Poole             Male

A parson                 Male (video only)

Sexton                     Male (video only)

Blacksmith             Male

Landlord/lady        Female or Male

Old woman            Female 

Parkins                   Male

Wilson                    Male

Ellen                       Female

Apparition            Male/Female. actions only no speaking

The auditions will be held on TUESDAY 24 SEPTEMBER & TUESDAY 1 OCTOBER – starting at 7.30pm.

If you would like to audition, please state any of the roles you are interested and the date you would prefer to audition, and if you are available for both. Please email and a copy of the script and the audition sections will be sent to you.

Please note the performance dates are 3-7 December 2019.

Many thanks, and good luck to all who apply!